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Ok-wha Jin Grandma
Main Restaurant

In 1978, it was opened at Mukja alley in Dongdaemun market between Jonglo 5th street and Jonglo 6th street. It grew with the development of Dongdaemun market.

At that time the market people were young. Now they are old. They are still visiting our restaurant and worrying over Ok-wha Jin's health. We appreciate to them.

Ok-wha Jin served food to people who couldn't eat due to no money. She did that as mothers do for their children. We'd like to share her love and taste with you. Nowadays so many false originators are prevalent. We love to touch you with the pride of a real originator and really good taste.

- main restaurant address : 265-22 Jonglo 5th street Jonglogu Seoul
- head office address : 164 Hoejedong Jonglogu Seoul

265-22 Jonglo 5th street Jonglogu Seoul Tel : 82-2-2275-9666