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Ok-wha Jin Grandma
Main Restaurant

Hi. Welcome to my homepage.
Jinokwha halmae wonjo dakhanmari opened the main restaurant inside Dongdaemun market in 1978. The term, 'Dakhanmari' was invented first. The unique taste has been loved by various people involving new generation.

We dare declare. The market economy and seasons don't influence Jinokwha halmae wonjo dakhanmari. It's very stable business. My 20-year-old business experience tells that.
My philosophy is to offer "Good taste and chip price with the freshest stuff". I have been doing my best. Many foreign tourists come from Japan, China, the American continent and Europe. Even they recognize 'dakhanmari' as the most traditional Korean food. It was introduced by many famous foreign broadcastings several times.

We lead the reduction of Chain restaurants' early invest cost and the increase of Chain restaurants' selling through distinction of franchise, the exact market analysis from the head office, and the protection of business. We welcome you to Jinokwha halmae wonjo dakhanmari. It was born from Jinokwha grandma's trust.

265-22 Jonglo 5th street Jonglogu Seoul Tel : 82-2-2275-9666