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Ok-wha Jin Grandma
Main Restaurant

I'm 70 years old now. In 1978, my family stood at the turning point whether they would survive or not. At that time I decided to do something and sought several things. Then a tittle "chicken" struck me. I can't sleep if I don't finish something I want to do. So I cooked various chicken food for 10 days with little sleeping and let people taste it.
At last 8 people among them liked my cooking. I felt confident that my cooking would be popular. I thought good taste came from the freshness of materials. I boiled water and then rode my old bicycle to Joong-ang market to buy two chickens everyday. I didn't keep in stock.
I didn't feel hard even though the sweat flowed into my eyes, my nose and my mouth. My family's life relied on that.
I bought one chicken with 1,200. I sold it at 1,300 without benefit. I only tried to make many people taste my food. After 3 years people came one after another. It was spreaded widely. It was introduced on various newspapers, magazines and TV programs - Sports Chosun, Chosun-il-bo, Donga-il-bo, Hanguere, Jungbo-bank, and Wha-je-jib-joong. Even more it reached foreign countries - Osaka broadcasting in Japan, LA and Canada.
Now you can eat 'DakhanMari' anywhere in Korea. I still stick to fresh stuff, the best quality, and natural food. It will be forever.

                                                          Jinokwha halmae wonjo dakhanmari - Ok-wha Jin

265-22 Jonglo 5th street Jonglogu Seoul Tel : 82-2-2275-9666