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How to eat dark-
Guide spices for dark-

We use unfrozen fresh chickens. They are 35-day-old young chickens. So the meat is very soft and light.
We boil this chicken, get rid of oil and serve the whole chicken with potatoes and green onion in a big bowl. Boil them on the table once again. Just after boiling, cut the chicken into adequate-sized pieces. Boil more and then eat the chicken with sauce. You can feel really delicious.

[ Efficacy of chicken ]
- Proper for diet
It has little fiber and salt. It has protein of 97% and fat of 96%. It digests and absorbs better than any other meat.
- prevent aging of our skin and falling-out of hair
The chicken liver has lots of nucleic acid which relieves face acne, face wrinkles and white hair. So it makes skin lustrous, prevents falling-out of hair and increases body immunity.

We grind Korean raw hot pepper with special sauce every day. So it tastes very fresh and unique. Just before eating, you can make your own sweet-sour sauce with this hot pepper sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, and mustard.

[ Efficacy of hot pepper ]
- Supply of natural vitamins
It has 50 times more vitamin C than an apple. The pepper vitamin is not oxidized easily. So it's not destroyed very much while boiling. The main colors are carotene and carotenoid. They have lots of vitamin A and vitamin E.
- Promotion of appetite and absorption
If we mix starch with hot pepper and saliva, it can digest and absorb much better than starch only with saliva.
- Prevention of acidification
Recently it is known that the capsaicin of hot pepper prevents acidification.
- Function of anesthesia and alleviation
It has the function of perspiration, promotion of appetite, and extermination of roundworms and tapeworms. Hot pepper in your socks can prevent the frostbite of your feet.

We choose Chinese cabbage with thin and soft leaves which has yellowish upper part and is raised on high land. And we make kimch'i 3 days before eating. So you can eat properly fermented kimch'i.
It is different from others. It has lots of water. It's developed by Jinokwha halmae wonjo dakhanmari. These days many Japanese and Chinese like it. It's well- harmonized with dakhanmari.

[ Efficacy of Chinese cabbage ]
- It helps digestion.
Because Chinese cabbage makes saliva secreted well, it helps digestion.
- Effect of anti-cancer
Chinese cabbage is a green vegetable. It has the effect of anti-cancer.
- Chines cabbage has no virulency.

While a preboiled chicken is boiled enough, you can satisfy your hunger with dukboki. It's very good with your own sweet-sour sauce. New generation or children like it so much. It's very soft and sticky.

We developed good dukboki for dakhanmari. We make it with various grains and soy powder every morning. Even though it is boiled long time, it keeps very good quality.

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